In recent years, the Meta Ai (formerly Facebook) has added many AI features to its apps including WhatsApp. While these AI features can be helpful with smart replies, predictive text and better content moderation some users might want to disable them for privacy, simplicity or personal reasons. In this article we’ll go through the steps to disable Meta AI features in WhatsApp.

Introduction meta-Ai

Meta’s AI in WhatsApp is supposed to make messaging more efficient and secure. But if you prefer a more old school messaging experience or have concerns about AI handling your data you can disable these features. This guide will show you how to get back in control of your WhatsApp.

What is Meta AI in WhatsApp

Meta AI in WhatsApp includes:

  • Smart Replies: Suggested replies on the based conversation.
  • Predictive Text: AI suggestions are the while typing.
  • Content Moderation: Automated scanning of messages for the bad content.

These features use AI to make the messaging are smoother and better but can its feel intrusive.

Reasons to Disable Meta AI       

  • Privacy: Artificial intelligence features and analyzing your conversations to suggest the best replies which its can feel like an invasion of privacy.
  • Simplicity: Some users are prefer a plain messaging understanding without AI suggestions.
  • Control: Get back in control of the messaging process without Artificial intelligence interloping.

How to Disable Meta AI in WhatsApp

meta Ai Update WhatsApp

Step 1: Update WhatsApp

Make sure and check you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your mobile phone an other devices. For the last version some options to disable AI features might only be available in the latest update.

  • For Android: First Open Google Play Store in your device or mobile phone, search for WhatsApp and check its update or not if it’s not update tap on “Update” if available.
  • For iOS: Open App Store on your apple devices, search for WhatsApp and check its update or not if it’s not update tap on “Update” if available.

Step 2: WhatsApp Settings

  1. Open WhatsApp after update on your device.
  2. Tap on the three straight up dots in (menu icon) on top right for Android or the settings icon on bottom right for the iOS.
  3. Select “Settings” option from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Privacy Settings

  1. In the Settings menu, tap on “Account”.
  2.  After tap account option Select “Privacy”

Step 4: Disable Smart Replies and Predictive Text

Complete three step one by one fellow more step.

  1. In the Privacy settings, you look for options related to AI features like similar to “Smart Replies” or “Predictive Text” on privacy option.
  2. Toggle off these options.

Step 5: Turn Off Content Moderation

  1. Go back to the main Settings menu option.
  2. Tap on the “Chats”.
  3. Look for options related to content moderation or AI based scanning.
  4. Toggle off these settings to avoid AI from scanning your messages.

Step 6: Manage Permissions

  1. Go to your device or mobile phone’s main settings (outside of WhatsApp) in these device witch use WhatsApp.
  2. Find the “Apps” on your device section the option “Applications”
  3. Locate and select WhatsApp.
  4. Tap on the “Permissions”.
  5. Revoke any permissions like related to microphone, camera or location if you think they are used by AI features.

Step 7: Clear AI Data

  1. In WhatsApp, go and tap on “Settings”.
  2. Tap on “Account” on WhatsApp.
  3. Select “Request Account Info” and check the data being the used.
  4. You can also select the option “Delete My Account” if you want to start from scratch without any AI data but this will delete all your WhatsApp data.

Advantages of Disabling Meta AI

  • Increased Privacy: Less data is collected and stored by WhatsApp’s AI.
  • Simplified Experience: The Messaging becomes up-front without AI interference.
  • Control Over Conversations: More manual control over your messaging process.

Potential Drawbacks               

  • Loss of Convenience: Predictive text and smart replies will be gone. Some helpful features like the predictive text and smart replies will be unavailable.
  • Manual Management: Increased need to manually handle tasks that AI previously managed and the more manual work for tasks AI used to do.


In the conclusion Disabling Meta AI features in the WhatsApp can improve your privacy and provide a more antiquated messaging experience. While it may involve a few trade-offs, regaining control over your data and interactions can be worth it for many users. Follow the steps in this guide to turn off AI features and use WhatsApp your way and enjoy WhatsApp on your terms.

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